One-on-One Nutrition & Exercise Coaching

We use science-based plans & an individual coaching process to help you reach any health & fitness goal. 

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After working with us you'll be able to

  • Build muscle, lose fat and increase performance 
  • Fit your favorite foods into your everyday diet 
  • Build self-confidence and a healthy mindset with food
  • Eat fun food while traveling and not gain an excessive amount of weight. 
  • Make good nutrition habits stick.

Our Philosophy 

Individualized Nutrition Coaching Done Right


We know there's a lot of quackery out there when it comes to diets. When working with MyoBrain, be confident you're receiving a plan that's backed by the latest nutrition and exercise research. We currently have two coaches that have Masters degrees in nutrition, along with all of our practical knowledge.

We take pride in communicating the "why" behind our methods. We call our database "MyoBrain Education." Upon starting up you'll receive over 50 exclusive videos going in-depth on FAQ and hot topics in health & fitness. 


The coach client relationship at MyoBrain is second to none. Every plan is developed with your goals, preferences & lifestyle in mind. No cookie cutter programs. No automated emails with generic advice. Each week we'll listen to your feedback, collaborate on what needs to be improved and build upon that relationship each week. We'll show you that we take your health & fitnes goals just as serious as we take our own. 

Here's how we're different 

  • Phone or inperson meeting upon starting up  
  • Individualized spreadsheet with program and nutrition tracker  
  •  Weekly e-mail checkins
  • Responses to check-ins within 24 hours


We've worked with hundreds of people & we know how hard it is for diet changes to stick. Our primary goal is to help clients with consistency and habit change long-term. 

For most, this means practicing flexible dieting & tracking their macronutrients. We'll show you how tracking macros will increase your food awareness to help with short-term and long-term results. And why eating a healthy diet may not be as difficult as you thought.

After working with us you'll be able to

  •  Fit your favorite foods into your everyday diet 
  •  Eat out & drink alcohol while staying on your diet  
  •  Eat fun food while traveling and not gain excessive amount of weight. 
  •  Make good nutrition habits stick. Not look for the next fad diet in 3 months