I started coaching as a sophomore in college after I developed a reputation as a guy that could squat alot and knew about macros. No less than a year later I started MyoBrain and began charging $25/month for online coaching. Fast forward 7 years later and I've consulted with over 500 individuals. Everyone from professional athletes to the everyday fitness enthusiast. The word "MyoBrain" embodies me and my fitness philosophy. The "myo" (latin for muscle) side of me, loves to be in the gym putting in work. The "brain" side of me loves reading, thinking and experimenting. 

In addition to the science of training & nutrition. I enjoy helping clients find their "why." This helps clients make the right decisions even when it's not easy. This process also helps you reflect & pursue goals that matter to you. The hallmarks of my coaching style are education, individualzation and self-reflection. 

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Proudest Accomplishments 

  • Founding MyoBrain
  • Coaching over 500 individuals since 2013. 
  • Coaching MyoBrain athletes to the CrossFit Games.  
  • Working for the Philadelphia Eagles as a sports nutrition intern.  
  • Back squatting and deadlifting 3 times bodyweight. 


Tori Thompson

"Working with MyoBrain has been great! Greg is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to learning about tracking my nutrition and the importance of properly fueling my body. Anytime I have a question he always gets back to me quickly and explains things in depth yet very easy to understand. I’ve been working with him for a few months now and I’ve already seen big changes in my body composition. I feel like I’m on track to reaching my goals with MyoBrain." 


“I contacted Greg because I was so frustrated with the changes, or lack there of, in my body after years of being a dance studio owner, runner, and now Crossfitter. I was becoming stronger in my work outs and lifting but just not seeing any changes in my body composition or muscle mass. “Soft Skinny” is the word everyone chose for me. My self esteem was bottomed out and I couldn’t understand how everyone else could change their bodies but not me. Greg put me on a nutrition program and did my programming, and I have followed it almost exactly for 6 months. I unfortunately had shoulder surgery the month after I started with him and he modified and scaled my programming perfectly. I truly had no idea the changes that had occurred until I did my side by side pictures. I am so grateful for MyoBrain and what it has done for me in terms of strength, confidence, and body changes and can’t wait to see the changes yet to come!”

Tyler White

Greg has built a very flexible meal plan that’s enabled me to achieve many goals I never thought I’d be able to reach. For my wife and I both, MyoBrain has served as a guide that’s allowed us to learn portion size, while allowing us to enjoy all the food we’ve always loved. It has helped us understand how to quantify the food we put in our bodies and build habits that we will continue to use even after MyoBrain. 

We were regulars at eating out and frequently over indulged without even knowing it. Now we know portion control and are still able to enjoy food and even try new things. Lastly, it showed us the importance of what exactly we put in our bodies. We didn’t change our workout habits in the least. All we did was follow Greg’s individualized plan for us and eat the right amount of food. If you want to make a change, your nutrition is key. MyoBrain has nutrition down to a science. 


"As a gym owner and avid lifter I am constantly asked questions regarding nutrition. Greg has been vital in the development of my clients at Kansas City Strength & Conditioning. Several clients of mine have used MyoBrain over the past year and the clients that use Greg for nutrition consultations have progressed significantly more compared to my clients that don’t’.  

Personally, using MyoBrain, I have been able to make substantial strides in regards to my body composition and physique. 12 Months ago I weighed in at 210 lbs. and my body fat percentage was around 15%; one year later & I now weigh 175 lbs. at roughly 6% body fat. I am lucky to call Greg my nutrition coach."

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