1-on-1 Nutrition Consulting 

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MyoBrain has partnered with CrossFit Innerdrive to provide nutrition coaching for their members! At MyoBrain, we develop science-based individualized nutrition plans for all levels. When you sign-up with MyoBrain you're investing in developing lifelong habits to look and feel better. Whether your goal is losing fat, gaining muscle or increasing day to day energy, we can create a plan that fits your lifestyle and allows sustainable success. 

MyoBrain was founded in 2013 by Greg Farris, who is a Registered Dietitian and has a Masters in Nutriton. We have four different coaches to choose from. Collectively, MyoBrain has consulted with over 1,000 individuals. Our clients range from professional athletes to the everyday fitness enthusiast. 

How Do We Stack up to the Competition?  

What You'll Receive

  • Individualized nutrition plan including target macronutrients & sample meal plan
  •  1-hour one-on-one consult upon start up
  • Weekly check-ins to adjust plan and ask questions 
  • Pre & post-wokout nutrition guidelines
  • Supplement recommendations 
  • Access to over 60 educational videos & articles
  • Ongoing education over the newest nutriton research
  • 24/7 email access with your coach
  • New content: Eating Out Guides, such as Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks and steakhouses (more to come)

3 Month Sign-Up

Standard rate: $390

Your rate: $350

Standard rate: $720

Your rate: $650 

You can learn more about our individual coaches here

Clients will be given the option to do month-to-month subscription after their initial 3 to 6 months. 

How Does the Coaching Process Work? 


Fill out our questionnaire

In order to develop the best individual plan we'll need to get to know you better. Our questionnaire gives us information about your goals, experience and preferences. Upon signing up, you'll be able to select any of our four coaches to work with. If you're unsure, then we'll select the coach that we think has the best fit for your goals.

Start Here

Receive your plan

After signing up you'll receive your plan & our educational content within a few days. Our plans include individualized target macronutrients, a sample meal plan and over 50 educational videos and articles. 

Schedule a 1:1 introduction consult

Once you've looked over the inital plan, we'll schedule an in-person or over the phone consult. In this consult, we'll answer any questions you have before officially starting. We'll also discuss our long term gameplan and anything that stood out in your questionnaire. 

"What gets measured gets done"

Nutrition Tracking

Congratulations. You're now on week one! You'll be given a Google Sheet to report your bodyweight, nutrition, workouts and personal notes. It's important we see these results each week to monitor your progress. This process can be done on your phone or computer and only takes a few minutes per week. 

Weekly Check-ins

You'll be assigned a check-in day and be asked to fill out a questionnaire summarizing how your week went. After looking over your Google sheet & questionnaire, your coach will follow up with you via email. We'll answer questions & update you on any changes to your diet for the next week. 

What Our Clients Are Saying 


"Working with MyoBrain has been great! Greg is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to learning about tracking my nutrition and the importance of properly fueling my body. Anytime I have a question he always gets back to me quickly and explains things in depth yet very easy to understand. I’ve been working with him for a few months now and I’ve already seen big changes in my body composition. I feel like I’m on track to reaching my goals with MyoBrain." 


From my performances during granite games, I was so pleased with how I did on the 16,000m row event. I have never been good at long events, but I did great on that workout. Additionally, a lot of the events I was dreading (running events) (haha) went well for me! I did awesome at all event that included barbells because that’s where my strengths are, but I feel like I do need to focus more on my gymnastics. Surprisingly, 5 months ago I couldn’t handstand walk, and I hit 100 feet in the hs walking workout which I am so proud of!  

I’m only a year and a half into CrossFit, and I know I have a long way to go, but this weekend made me so excited for the future and I couldn’t have done it without your help! 


Greg has built a very flexible meal plan that’s enabled me to achieve many goals I never thought I’d be able to reach. For my wife and I both, MyoBrain has served as a guide that’s allowed us to learn portion size, while allowing us to enjoy all the food we’ve always loved. It has helped us understand how to quantify the food we put in our bodies and build habits that we will continue to use even after MyoBrain.  

We were regulars at eating out and frequently over indulged without even knowing it. Now we know portion control and are still able to enjoy food and even try new things. Lastly, it showed us the importance of what exactly we put in our bodies. We didn’t change our workout habits in the least. All we did was follow Greg’s individualized plan for us and eat the right amount of food. If you want to make a change, your nutrition is key. MyoBrain has nutrition down to a science. 

"I have spent my entire life in a constant battle with food. I was raised in a family that thought we didn't have time to sit down together and eat healthy meals but instead, we grabbed whatever was available on our way to the next athletic event. This caused me to have an unhealthy relationship with food as an adult. I was never able to break the cycle of trying to eat cleaner but always feeling hungry and miserable and would go right back to my previous bad habits (fast food). Jesse Hill helped me break that cycle. The nutrition regime that Jesse designs for you is incredibly easy to follow and will not leave you feeling lethargic or hungry. Through Jesse's guidance, I was able to stop the constant pattern of trying to out-train my bad diet and instead got my nutrition in check, developed sustainable habits, and reached my peak athletic performance well into my 30's. Jesse provides you the patience to make mistakes without beating yourself up but offers the accountability that is necessary to set a sustainable path. I cannot recommend him highly enough to folks looking to enhance their lives through nutrition and ultimately free themselves from the cycle of bad habits and poor choices. "

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which MyoBrain coach will I work with? 

All of our coaches have openings at the moment. You can visit our bios and learn about each of us. Once you sign-up we'll connect you with the coach of your choice. If you have no preference we'll select the coach that we believe fits best with your goals and personality.  

What type of clients do you work with? 

MyoBrain has worked with everyone from CrossFit Games athletes to soccer (*CrossFit) mom's. We use science based princples to create an individualized program for you. You may track macros just like a CrossFit games athlete, but the quantity, type of food and timing may be totally different. That's where we help educate and customize things for you. 

Do you provide meal plans? 

Yes. Upon starting up you will receive a sample meal plan that fits within your individual target macros. This meal plan is designed to give you an idea of how much and timing of your meals, but does NOT need to be followed to the T. During your initial consult & through our educational material, you'll learn how to adjust your meal plan to your lifestyle and preferences.  

Will I be able to eat out and still follow my plan? 

Yes! Flexibility is one of our major principles. We want to teach people to make good decisions when eating out that allign with their goals. If you're on the right plan and have the right guidance eating out can be part of a succesful diet.  

What if I haven't tracked macros before? 

Plenty of our clients were new to tracking macros when starting. The initial plan comes with tons of educational material to help you learn the basics and simplify nutrition. In addition, you'll have an initial consult to answer any of your questions before starting.  

Will I have to take supplements as a part of this plan? 

No. We do offer supplement recommendations, because research has shown a few to be beneficial. But it's a short list and NOT mandatory.  

Do I have to track macros in order to work with MyoBrain?

No. While we believe tracking macros is the best method to improve performance and body composition, there are other methods to create a healthy diet. For example, we can focus on habit change & creating routines, like having a go-to breakfast and post-practice meals. 

Is drinking alcohol allowed on your plans?  

Yes. When you track macros and practice flexible dieting no foods are off limits. But you do have to be concious of the quantities you're consume. We'll teach you how to track alcohol into your macros and what your personal limit should be to maintain a healthy diet.