Nutrition & Exercise Coaching

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

  • Individualized nutrition plan. Including target macros, calories, and a sample meal plan.
  • An introductory phone/Zoom call to learn more about your goals and answer questions.
  • Weekly check-ins to adjust the plan as needed, answer questions and talk through problems.
  • Guaranteed response to weekly check-ins with 24 hours.
  • Supplement recommendations including pre and post-workout guidelines.
  • Access to our user-friendly software for food, bodyweight and habit tracking. This software automatically syncs with popular nutrition tracking apps like MyFitnessPal.
  • Access to over 60 exclusive educational videos and articles. Including new content every week.

Individualized Exercise Plan

  • Customized workouts based on your goals, equipment access, injury history, and personal preferences.
  • An introductory phone/Zoom call to learn more about your goals and answer questions.
  • The program delivered through user-friendly software TrueCoach.
  • Video tutorials and video analysis of your workouts
  • Warm-up and mobility routines included
  • The custom program includes both strength and cardio workouts based on your goals and preferences.
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What Results Can you Expect?

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

  • Lose fat, gain muscle, increase your performance, all while still enjoying the foods you love. 
  • Learn the building blocks of a sustainable healthy diet. 
  • Create a lifestyle design & habits to help you make progress for years. 
  • Learn how to alter your diet to your lifestyle (such as eating out, vacations and anniversaries)  
  • Build self-confidence and a healthy mindset with food. 

Individualized Exercise Plan

  • Enjoy your workouts
  • Build strength & muscle
  • Lose body fat
  • Decrease pain from overtraining
  • Learn proper exercise technique through demos and video analysis


“I contacted Greg because I was so frustrated with the changes, or lack there of, in my body after years of being a dance studio owner, runner, and now Crossfitter. I was becoming stronger in my work outs and lifting but just not seeing any changes in my body composition or muscle mass. “Soft Skinny” is the word everyone chose for me. My self esteem was bottomed out and I couldn’t understand how everyone else could change their bodies but not me. Greg put me on a nutrition program and did my programming, and I have followed it almost exactly for 6 months. Obviously I have made a few bad food choices over the months, but this only works if you do what he says. I also had shoulder surgery the month after I started with him and he modified and scaled my programming perfectly. I truly had no idea the changes that had occurred until I did my side by side pictures. I am so grateful for Myobrain and what it has done for me in terms of strength, confidence, and body changes and can’t wait to see the changes yet to come!”

Greg has built a very flexible meal plan that’s enabled me to achieve many goals I never thought I’d be able to reach. For my wife and I both, MyoBrain has served as a guide that’s allowed us to learn portion size, while allowing us to enjoy all the food we’ve always loved. It has helped us understand how to quantify the food we put in our bodies and build habits that we will continue to use even after MyoBrain. 

We were regulars at eating out and frequently over indulged without even knowing it. Now we know portion control and are still able to enjoy food and even try new things. Lastly, it showed us the importance of what exactly we put in our bodies. We didn’t change our workout habits in the least. All we did was follow Greg’s individualized plan for us and eat the right amount of food. If you want to make a change, your nutrition is key. MyoBrain has nutrition down to a science. 

“Working with Greg has been an exciting journey. I came to him in January with my misconceptions of dieting and working out. As an ICU nurse, I knew I needed to live what I preached but I thought it would be harder than it was. Don’t get me wrong, it was still difficult to get myself into a routine and change my mindset—I work nights and travel often. Greg worked with me and taught me how to meal prep and what restaurants are better when traveling. He made it simple to follow week by week and my eating became a lifestyle. His philosophy echoes through his videos and podcast episodes. I no longer thought of macro-counting as a means to an end. It slowly became who I was. I ate with a purpose. I worked out with a goal. I can’t rave enough on how encouraging it is to have a coach that takes the time to listen, that didn’t give me a cookie-cutter plan and makes himself available through the week for questions. Greg is the real deal if you are wanting to get serious about improving your overall health.”

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“I came to Greg after finally realizing I couldn’t out-train a bad diet. I have always been reluctant to make the leap and diet for Crossfit since dieting for past bodybuilding competitions were always a nightmare. However, Greg made an easy to follow weight loss plan allowing me to maintain my school and social life. Despite losing 30ish pounds so far, I haven’t really felt like I’ve been on a diet this entire time. I’m finally starting to see results in the gym as I’ve wanted and if I’d known the required changes were this easy I would’ve made them a long time ago.”

I got started with MyoBrain March of 2018, and I have lost roughly 35 pounds and a lot of fat and inches. I gained a lot of weight during nursing school and couldn’t seem to lose it. I had tried a couple of different fad diets and nothing was helping. I had seen some people at my crossfit gym tracking macros and had great success. Myobrain is a great program because it teaches lifestyle changes that can be maintained. Weekly email updates keep you accountable and on track, and Greg changes your macros as needed based on weight loss/gain and goals. I highly recommend this program to anyone!!!! It’s worth the money for sure! 

I've been with Greg at Myobrain for 4 years now for powerlifting training. Greg has really made a huge impact on my lifting journey.  He programs my lifts weekly and pushes me past what I think I'm capable of.  He also keeps me in check by giving me light weeks so I don't overtrain or get injured.  I've made huge progress because of Greg's training methods including state record in squat and deadlift in my weight class with greater goals in the future. He is always professional, open minded, and detail oriented. He also came to all my meets to support me which is just awesome. I couldn't ask for a better coach.   -Jennifer Li

Greg Farris is not just an intelligent coach that understand the science and the importance of flexibility when it comes to health & fitness, he's also a true gent and humble coach. With Greg's guidance I can focus on other areas of my life, knowing I am in secure hands, this is invaluable to me. Currently under 20 weeks out from my first natural bodybuilding show, doing 1 cardio session a week, eating almost 3000 calories and I can still go away on holiday with my girlfriend. That's enough evidence that Greg is a terrific coach and I hope to replicate his skills in my own coaching.

I began working with Greg with 8 weeks left of my prep for my physique show. I expressed I wanted to compete in powerlifting as well as being up lagging body parts after my show. I've been 3 months post competition and my strength is shooting up like crazy, seems like every training session I hit a PR. Greg customizes everything toward your needs and is extremely hands on. Gives you all the tools to succeed and reach your goals. I am extremely happy I came across Greg at Myobrain!

How It Works 

1. Sign up and questionnaire

In order to develop the best individual plan, we'll need to get to know you better. Our questionnaire gives us information about your goals, experience, and preferences. After signing up you'll be automatically emailed our questionnaire form.

2. Receive your plan

After signing up you'll receive your plan & our educational content within a few days. This will include both your first weeks of workouts and your starting nutrition plan. You'll also be directed on how to create your account in our software.

3. Schedule a 1:1 introduction consult

Once you've looked over the initial plan, we'll schedule a phone or video consult. In this consult, we'll answer any questions you have before officially starting. We'll also discuss our long term gameplan and anything that stood out in your questionnaire. These consults range from 30-60 minutes.

4. Official Start Date

Congratulations. You're now on week one! By now, you'll have set up your account on and be able to start tracking your data for us. You'll also be set up with a True Coach account to start your first week of workouts! 

5. Weekly Check-ins

During our initial consult, we'll agree upon a check-in day and you will check-in via our software to monitor your progress and answer questions. This is an imperative part of the program as we make adjustments to the plan sometimes every week based upon your progress.

Meet Greg Farris


Registered Dietitian (RD)

Masters in Dietetics. Bachelor's in Exercise Science. 

Has consulted with over 500 individuals since 2013. 

Former Philadelphia Eagles sports nutrition intern.

Contributor to the Alan Aragon Research Review  

Competed at 2014 USAPL Nationals. All-time best lifts are 485 lb squat, 292 lb bench, 524 lb deadlift at 162 lbs body weight. 

2012 Natural Bodybuilding Kansas City Classic - Novice 1st place 

Competitive experience in CrossFit, powerlifting & bodybuilding.